Getting into your first boat

There are a few things to consider when diving into boat ownership. It’s not as confusing as you may think and by following our checklist and with the help of Sports Marine’s friendly staff you will be armed with the right knowledge to make an informed decision.

What’s your type?
Firstly, determine the type of boat that will suit your needs based on how you want to use it. There are three main categories; Cruising, fishing, and watersports. You may want to do all three but by determining your main purpose for your new boat will give you a clear direction into the type of boat for you.
Cruising boats are designed for enjoying a day on the water and entertaining guests. You can opt for a day-boat like a bow-rider or one with a cabin that can suit overnight stays.
If fishing is your jam, then look for a boat that is more open with less seating and leisure spaces. Like the cruising boats, you can get fishing boats that are more for day excursions or those with accommodation cabins for extended fishing trips.
Watersport boats are perfect for those after an adrenaline rush. Designed to tow waterskiers, wakeboarders, tubes, and other water toys ensures lots of fun to be had.
There are a range of great entry level boats perfect for a fun day on the water – be it the sea or a lake.

Size matters
Choosing the size of your boat is an important consideration. What do you want to use it for? How many people will be on the boat at one time? Where will the boat be stored when not in use? Do you need to be able to tow it? You want to choose a size that you’ll be able to manage so you can get maximum enjoyment from it.

Determine your budget
By having a clear idea around your budget will help you narrow your search down. We know a boat is a big purchase and here at Sports Marine we want to help to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. We can help with finance options also, if you need.

New vs Used
Once you’ve determined the type of boat and size you’re after – you can then decide which new and used boats best fit within your budget. There are pros and cons to both, discuss with one of our staff which is the right option for you.

Know the ropes
We want you to have fun and be safe on the water, and we encourage all first-time boaties to educate themselves on all things boating. We recommend the Day Skipper course that NZ Coastguard provides; it covers boat handling, safety equipment, navigation, tides, weather, rules and regulations, emergencies, and knots – giving you an overview of the whole boating experience. It can be found here.

Once the above is down pat, we can help you find the make and model that best suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. We can offer finance and insurance options giving you piece of mind and confidence. We will assist you to find the boat of your dreams and get you out on the water with your family and friends.