The Saxdor 400 GTC


Saxdor 400 GTC – Get Ready for Something Extraordinary.

Underpinned by an elongated version of the twin-stepped 320 hull and designed for a twin outboard rig, Saxdor 400 is set to be an outstanding performer out at sea with a fine blend of performance, seakeeping and efficiency at cruising speed.


By employing vacuum infusion techniques in the construction process, Saxdor 400 is approximately 200kg lighter than a standard hand-laminated boat. It not only improves overall fuel efficiency, but also–even with the standard twin 300hp Mercury V8 outboards—allows you to comfortably achieve a top speed of 40 knots. With the optional twin 450hp racing motors the maximum speed increases to over 50 knots.


Saxdor 400 comes as standard with balconies in the cockpit that dramatically increase the usable deck space of the boat at rest. When stationary, the 400 becomes a private island, designed for living aboard in great comfort and the terraces, which run half the length of the boat and are a key factor in creating this incredibly special environment. The connection to the water is further enhanced by the new glass transom, which delivers fine views over the stern from the comfort of the cockpit seating–this option is entirely modular and can be configured in any formation the customer desires.

The Saxdor 400 will be offered in the model year MY2024 in selected markets/dealerships only.

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