Thinking of selling your boat or trading it in?


Selling your boat on your behalf

Looking to sell your boat? This can seem like a daunting and time consuming process. There are many benefits from using us to sell your boat for you. We have a dedicated sales team who would actively promote your boat to potential customers. We also have an active customer base that are looking for a boat to buy – and it might just be yours they are interested in. Our sales guys can show prospects over your boat and do sea trials to get them across the line. We have a number of channels to market your boat to get maximum exposure and a team of qualified mechanics and detailers that can spruce up your boat making it more attractive to potential buyers.


Why us instead of a broker?

There are a few benefits to using us to sell your boat over a boat broker. Around 30% of those customers looking to buy a boat are actually wanting to trade their old boat in for the new model. We can take trade ins which in turn opens your boat sale up to everyone in the market. Another thing we can offer new buyers is finance, insurance and warranties which give peace of mind to new buyers – something brokers just can’t offer.


Trading in your boat

Are you ready to trade your boat in for a different model? Maybe you are after a newer version, need more space, new features or after something completely different to what you’ve had? As well as all the benefits to letting us sell your boat as listed above; trading your boat in means you don’t have to wait until you sell your current boat before you get your hands on that new beauty you’ve been eyeing up. We can take your old boat off your hands and you can enjoy that new boat today.


Let us take the time and hassle out of selling your old boat, whether it’s selling on your behalf or trading in, give us a call today and we can help.